About Me

My name is Juan Carrey, I am a Principal Full Stack Software Engineer at Zartis that just wants to share my thoughts around tech related stuff in general.


I have worked for over 11yrs on the software industry, in three different countries, my beloved Spain (Madrid & Zaragoza), UK (London) and Ireland (Cork)

I have been working mainly in Java & C# backends, along with Angular & React, but have also started lot’s of small pet projects in many other languages like Python, Kotlin, Rust, Powershell, Ruby, Go, Swift, Flutter & Haskell and others that I do not even remember

I would consider myself as a true full stack: UX, Frontend, Backend, Architecture, CI & CD, Infrastructure as Code and bits of Operations


I am a generalist, I have touched many things from lot’s of different databases like DynamoDB, Cassandra, ArangoDB, ScillaDB, Mongo, Postgres, Mysql, Oracle, SqlServer, Graph4j, Eventstore, to many frameworks and tools, as well as made some Devops work with full CI&CD on AWS, and even did some Alfresco and Liferay consultancy time.

I fancy architecture patterns and love to design adecuate solutions to problems, avoiding over and under engineering them, which is not easy to achieve.


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