Episode II: The grand opening

This is the sotry of the release to production for the first time of enremoto.co.


It’s a period of operational party, a new release is upcoming, the nerves arises from the nothing, the ambient is calm and frightening. A brave software engineer of underground freedom programmers has challenged the server to uphold a new awesome containerized instance.


The compose file looks ready 👌, the domain has been obtained successfully, everything looks good. 🤞🤞

The theater opens the curtains and the stage is revealed, another success on releasing to production rightfully done, yet something is off, there is literally no one looking 😨.

The remote engineer looks at Google, and ask him to look at the stage, he won’t. What’s going on? Leave it, it sure takes it’s time.


A little bit of promotion should get the ball rolling, and then suddenly, the evil forces strike the young dev, he realises that the domain is suspicious of MALWARE 🦠 they say.. But HOW? It’s brand new!? Exactly.

That great domain was in a spam list ☣, so that everyone would think of it as dangerous, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and so on, the ball did not start rolling and for a good reason.

The young lad lose his first encounter, but he kept going 💪, got the domain to a safe spot and left the waters calm, so he could go to bed at least.

Lessons learned

Verify the health of any purchasing domain before promoting it, removing it from the blacklist was about one day (quite awesomic reply from Spamhouse)

Hopefully it was a nice read ❤❤

Juan 🌍🌳


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