Episode III: The empire strikes back

This is the sotry of the early stages of marketing and network creation of enremoto.co.

It is a dark 🧛‍♀️ time for the marketing side of the project. Although the first jobs have made into the board organically, the traffic is still low 📉 and needs a bit of a push 🚀.


For years, evading the load of messages from LinkedIn recruiters has been a long and endured task, trying to always gracefully turn down their offers.

The evil side of my personality has led me to start answering the calling from all these offers as a counter attack, redirecting them to post the job ad on the site ✌🏻.


The hunter became the hunted, and as a matter of fact I realised, maybe too late, that recruiters are a fundamental part of the network that I need rebuilding, reconnecting with companies that needs hiring talent 👾.

I am starting to rebuild the network 🤝, reconnecting with all the great people, so that I can start figuring out their needs so I can create a product that fits a market, instead of finding it afterwards, yes I have built something, but it’s definitely not final.

Sorry phase

To all those poor recruiters trying to connect with great talent, I am truly sorry 🙏🙏 for not accepting your invitation to connect earlier on. Feeling overwhelmed by the many job offerings wasn’t such a bad thing, after all we are in a bubble sector 👨‍💻.

Open to talk

I am open to chat about the issues you are facing to connect to talent 👂, and figure out if there is a way of fixing that within enremoto.co, whose phase is still in forming and definition.

Gladly, Juan 🌍🌳


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