Episode IV: A forming culture

This is the sotry of the early stages of marketing and network creation of enremoto.co.

A new kid has been born, and like biology, it inherits parts of his ancestors, and like so, enremoto.co is inheriting some of my values.


I believe in a better world, a world where money and power are left behind and where people and our planet comes first.

Small contributions

It’s very little what we can do as individuals or as small company. In essence our very small contribution will not change anything directly, but I strongly believe that these small changes are the ones that drive bigger ones, it’s like shifting the ground of a big rock. Little but consistent earthquakes will at some point cause the solid rock to crack. All we need is will, patience and perseverance, moving towards a greener and social aware world. Imagine.

That is the reason why enremoto.co is going to collaborate with different NGOs with it’s benefits (when we start having them). We will also be fully transparent about where we are helping and promote all projects we collaborate with.

Can we do it?

As the net margin of a service like this is very big, we can help the planet, the people and still be profitable with an affordable pricing, while other companies do 98% net profit with $1M ARR, we aim way lower, I am no greedy, I would prefer to have time rather than millions on the bank account.

The projects

The project list is open, I am open to suggestions, probably I will like them all, but as you can understand, we can’t do them all.

Here is the starting point that I am thinking on:

Next steps

So, what’s next? Promotion, promotion, promotion. Although it’s not worth it for me to do payed marketing campaigns on social media, specially when this is not VC backed product and it’s still free.

We also aim to listen to our audience, and navigate the product to them, it’s very early so shaping it to a totally different purpose is still on my mind, so if you have a need or a problem to be solved for hiring remote talent, please I beg you to contact me.

We can have a coffee β˜•

Gladly, Juan 🌍🌳


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