Episode I: The story begins

This is the story on how and why did I start building a job board for fully remote jobs around the globe.

How it all started

I have been working on multiple projects during my spare times along my years, most of them are “half way” baked, while others barely started out, but all of them sounded great in my head at the beginning and at the same time unachievable given my circumstances. Some of those ideas have already become a real product made by someone else later on, so they kind of validated my idea.

It’s probably the fact of either not having the guts to leave everything and jump right into founding a startup or having a way of life that depends on actual money coming into the bank account every month, or probably both, what caused that all the projects are now living in the trash for good. These projects also required lot’s of time to build just an MVP, so in the end, they weren’t great ideas for me to start out, but they kept my entrepreneur mindset going.

The summary of projects includes:

The list goes on and on, but these are the ones that took most of my time and had great potential.

Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t been total lose of time, I have learned a lot from all these and growth as a dev. In almost every project I choosed unknown programming languages and tooling to at least learn from it, however it would end.

Episode IV: A new hope

This time I decided to build something really simple, that would take me no longer than 2 weeks of work to start (MVP), so I could start learning on different aspects of raising a product (maeketing, sales, support, business, etc), and that’s why I chose to do a job board, which is really simple to build.

When pandemic came 🦠 and remote work was a thing raising, it was pretty obvious to focus on remote positions only, so that I decided building enremoto.co

The fact is that there is a lot of competition already out there, truth be told, I am not expecting to do as much money as others are doing 🤑, hopefully just enough to keep me improving it.

How it is going

The board is too general still, I feel I need to find a small niche to it, and promote it.

I hope to slowly build some traffic into it during the next 6-12 months 🐢, so I can decide where does it go from here. It’s probably going to be focusing on one or two countries (I am already thinking on UK/Ireland) with lot’s of traction for remote work for Spanish folks remotely, but time will say.

Now I feel the easy part is done (the product itself) and the hard part starts for me, doing some marketing and defining the model to start having some MRR.


Wish me luck 🙏🙏! Juan 🌍🌳


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